2018 Crop Insurance Program

Saskatchewan producers will have access to very high coverage in 2018 as the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Program continues to improve.

On average, Crop Insurance coverage levels are $216 per acre, compared to $217 per acre in 2017. The slightly lower coverage is a result of lower insured crop prices in 2018; however, coverage levels remain very high thanks to the success of Saskatchewan producers as average yields continue to move higher. The average premium for 2018 is $8.41 per acre, down slightly from $8.51 per acre in 2017.

There are a number of enhancements for the Crop Insurance Program in 2018. Fire insurance for pastureland, more crops to be insured under the Contract Price Option and increased compensation rates for cattle lost due to predators are a part of today’s announcement.

More information about the changes for 2018 and how coverage is individualized for each farm can be found at www.saskcropinsurance.com/ci.

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