Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020. Saskatchewan WHEAT: Sustainable, profitable and internationally competitive.

Our Vision

That wheat is a sustainable, profitable and internationally competitive crop capturing the benefits for Saskatchewan farmers and the community.

Our Mission

Sask Wheat will provide leadership in identifying and supporting research, market development and advocacy that contributes to profitable and sustainable wheat production for Saskatchewan farmers.


The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) was established in June 2013. The Commission, with its producer-elected board, ensures that producers have the resources, leadership and provincial, national or international representation to strengthen Saskatchewan's competitive advantage and to ensure producers' and Saskatchewan's interests are protected. Check-off dollars administered by the Commission will go toward research and market development initiatives that improve wheat varieties, grow their marketability and provide higher value to producers.

The organization has four primary areas of focus: Research, Market Development, Advocacy and Communication.


Goal: Maximize direct financial benefit to Saskatchewan producers through yield gains, improved quality characteristics and agronomic efficiencies.


  1. Support, encourage and expand the publicly and farmer funded wheat breeding and variety development. Determine a path toward a producer ownership model for variety development.

  2. Sustain and enhance research programs that have value to Saskatchewan producers.

  3. Expand research capacity.

  4. Identify and pursue opportunities for agronomic wheat research.

  5. Establish mutually beneficial collaborative agreements with other commissions, governments, associations and private organizations.

  6. Knowledge and technology transfer.


Goal: Promote Canadian wheat in a way that increases value, marketability and net return to farmers.


  1. Work with Cigi for the next two years to maintain present markets and develop new markets.

  2. Provide leadership and support toward the alignment of producer and other value chain interests.

  3. Advocate for appropriate quality standards, market development tools and institutions that serve Saskatchewan producers effectively.

  4. Build alliances with organizations that share or can support Sask Wheat’s mandate and purpose.


Goal: To represent the interests of Saskatchewan wheat producers to governments, their respective agencies or representatives, corporations and non-governmental organizations and consumers.


  1. Advocate for science-based decision making.

  2. Advocate for legislation and regulations to advance interests of Saskatchewan wheat producers.

  3. Build relationships with federal and provincial governments.

  4. To provide independent information and analysis to discussions important to Saskatchewan wheat producers.

  5. Participate in consumer education activities regarding wheat production and usage.

  6. Cultivate farm-level support for advocacy.

  7. Advocate for reliable and cost-effective handling and transportation services.


Goal: Communicate regularly with producers and stakeholders


  1. Hold producer meetings to facilitate two-way communications.

  2. Communicate information through various channels so that engaged producers are fully informed.

  3. Maintain a website as an information resource for producers, researchers and stakeholders.

  4. Develop young farmers to take on leadership roles in agriculture