Research Overview

The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) has identified research as a key priority for investment of producer check-off funds.

Research Program Overview

The objective of the research program is to build collaborative research relationships and partnerships through identification of and investment in research and development initiatives in three main priority areas:

  • Variety development – genetics, breeding methods, pre-breeding, breeding, pathology, quality, performance testing

  • Production – agronomy, fertility management, pest management, production management, and harvest management

  • Post-production – storage, end-use quality, new uses, economic and regulatory analysis, processing and value-added initiatives

Research initiatives in other areas that provide significant value to wheat producers will also be considered.


The objective of the research program is to fund, manage, monitor, and disseminate results of research projects and programs that will result in:

  • Improved crop management

  • Reduced input costs and environmental impact

  • Increased yield and quality of grain for Saskatchewan producers

The ultimate goal of the research program is to enhance the interests and profitability of wheat producers in Saskatchewan.

Research Program Process

Researchers interested in seeking funding from Sask Wheat should submit a “Letter of Interest” (LOI) to the Research Program Manager. The LOI should include a title, information on the principle investigator and co-investigators/collaborators, duration (start/end dates) of project, budget information including amount of funding requested, contributions (cash and in-kind) from other sources, benefit to the industry/context, objectives, description/methodology of the research and expected outcomes. A sample outline for the LOI can be requested.

Once an LOI is received, it is reviewed by the Research Program Manager and the Research Committee to identify if the project requesting funding meets the program criteria and objectives including: their fit within strategic priority areas, scientific merit, benefit to producers and perceived return on investment. Projects that are deemed to meet the program criteria and objectives are invited to submit a full, detailed research proposal.

The full proposals are again reviewed by the Research Program Manager and Research Committee. Industry experts may be called upon to act as external technical reviewers where appropriate. Those projects meeting program criteria and objectives then go to the Board of Directors for final decisions, ensuring that wheat producers’ best interests are represented in all research funding decisions.

If you have a research proposal that you feel aligns with Sask Wheat’s strategic priorities and would benefit Saskatchewan wheat producers, please contact Sask Wheat’s Research Program Manager for more information.

Blair Goldade
Research Program Manager