Do you grow soft white spring wheat? Midge tolerance needs your help!

The Sm1 gene for wheat midge tolerance was recently identified as naturally occurring in these SWS wheat varieties:

  • AC® Sadash

  • AAC Chiffon

  • AAC Indus (Special Purpose)

Growers of Midge Tolerant Wheat count on Sm1 – the one and only gene tolerant to midge – and follow specific stewardship practices to preserve its effectiveness. If tolerance is lost, it could cost growers $60 million annually and up to $36 per acre.

How can you prevent creating resistance?

  • If you grow one of these SWS varieties, add a refuge – 1 bushel of AC Andrew to every 9 bushels of tolerant SWS variety.

  • If you’re unable to add the refuge, spray insecticide to eliminate the possibility of resistant midge.

By following these stewardship practices you help preserve the effectiveness of the Sm1 gene and support your fellow wheat growers who rely on this technology. You never know when you’ll need Sm1 or the next revolutionary trait so we all have to show leadership through stewardship.

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