Farmer perspectives towards funding research models in the wheat industry: Your input is needed!

The Agricultural Growth Act passed by the Government of Canada in 2015 has created the possibility for new ways to fund wheat breeding in Canada. The government is waiting for more producer input before taking action later this year.

We are interested in better understanding what wheat producers think of different ways of funding additional wheat breeding in Canada. We will present and discuss a number of alternative funding models that have been used in Canada and elsewhere, including levy based funding and end point royalties.

The two-hour focus group sessions will be an opportunity for you to learn about these funding options and make your opinions count. We are looking for fresh opinions so prior knowledge is not required.


This study being conducted by the researchers in the Economics Department of the University of Regina and Agricultural Economics Department of the University of Saskatchewan is seeking participants (farmers). In the focus group format, your participation would involve a two-hour discussion about the attitude of growers to various wheat research funding models. Focus groups can be run at the Farm Progress Show in Regina on June 20 – 22, 2018 or other venues depending on the preferences and availability of the participants.

We know your time is valuable. A compensation in the amount of $300 will be given to each participant. More detailed information will be provided to those willing to participate in the research study.

If you have any question and/or would like to volunteer for this study, please contact:

Viktoriya Galushko at; Phone: 306-585-4191

This study has been reviewed and approved on ethical grounds through a harmonized review process by the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Boards.

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