Saskatchewan agri-food exports once again set record, lead the nation

By: Saskatchewan Agriculture

For the fourth straight year, Saskatchewan has set a record for agri-food exports with total sales of $13.9 billion, once again achieving the standing of Canada’s top agri-food exporting province.

Saskatchewan exported $13.9 billion in agricultural and agri-food products to 153 countries around the world in 2014. This represents a 19 per cent increase from 2013.

“Agriculture continues to be a strong and steady driver of the Saskatchewan economy, once again setting an agri-food export record,” Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said. “The credit goes to our farmers, ranchers and agri-businesses for producing and exporting what the world needs. With 15 different countries each purchasing more than $200 million in agri-food goods, Saskatchewan agriculture is one of the most diversified sectors in Canada in terms of export markets.”

Market development and trade advocacy are key priorities for the Government of Saskatchewan. Working closely with industry partners and the federal government, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture continues to build on existing trade relationships and forge new partnerships with countries around the world. In 2014, the Ministry participated in trade missions to India and China, two of the province’s largest trade destinations for agricultural products.

“Saskatchewan is particularly appreciative of the progress our federal counterparts have made in opening new markets and increasing access in existing markets,” Stewart said. “We look forward to the upcoming opportunities for expanded agricultural trade that Canada’s new agreements with the European Union and South Korea will bring.”

The province is well on its way to meeting the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth target of $15 billion in agricultural exports by 2020, with average annual increases of 14 per cent since 2010. The province’s strength as an agri-food exporter is underpinned by increases in crop and livestock production, as well as a growing value-added sector.