New Go-To Resource for the Latest in Wheat Nutrition

Canadians have questions about fibre, gut health, and healthy grains. A new go-to resource for up-to-date, science-based wheat nutrition information has the answers. Developed for dietitians and consumers by the Canadian Wheat Nutrition Initiative (CWNI), What About Wheat? showcases Canadian wheat as part of a healthy diet.

Backed by nutrition research and vetted through the Science Advisory Council (SAC), the educational campaign is focused on evidence-based answers to common questions about wheat nutrition and the role of wheat-based foods in healthy eating. This includes the importance of whole grain dietary fibre in the promotion of gut health, enrichment and fortification of all-purpose flour, and embracing gluten as a protein.

“Our goal is to make it simple for nutrition professionals to find and share wheat nutrition information with clients, and for consumers to learn more about wheat,” Elaine Sopiwnyk, Cereals Canada vice-president of technical services and member of the CNWI working group.

“This resource is extremely helpful for increasing Registered Dietitians’ understanding of all things related to wheat including the fundamental basics, the health benefits of wheat and the latest nutrition research related to wheat,” says Dr. Alison Duncan, SAC member, Registered Dietitian and professor in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph.

In addition to nutrition information, dietitians and consumers can visit to discover the Canadian wheat story, which includes the sustainability practices Canadian farmers use to produce the nutritious and versatile crop.

“People who visit the site will get a chance to learn what makes Canadian wheat special and why is sought after around the world for its protein, quality and versatility,” says Sopiwnyk. She points to how it is grown and milled as what sets it apart.

“Wheat and flour in Canada are produced by a team of experts – from research scientists and farmers to grain handlers and millers – who follow stringent protocols that ensure food quality and safety,” she says. will be continually updated with wheat nutrition research findings and resources such as handouts and videos. Dietitians and consumers can follow and engage @whataboutwheat on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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About the Canadian Wheat Nutrition Initiative

The Canadian Wheat Nutrition Initiative (CWNI) is a group that knows wheat from farm to fork. Partners in the value chain-led initiative include Cereals Canada, the Alberta Wheat Commission, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Manitoba Crop Alliance, Grain Farmers of Ontario and the Canadian National Millers Association.

CWNI is supported by a Science Advisory Council, a group of qualified researchers and registered dietitians who provide unbiased, timely insights on wheat research. With their knowledge and expertise, dietitians and consumers can rely on What About Wheat? health resources for accurate and useful information about wheat nutrition.

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