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Saskatchewan Variety Performance Group (SVPG) 2018 wheat enhancement/extra data

The data collected from these trials is entered into annual publications Varieties of Grain Crops and SaskSeed Guide. In this project, SVPG is collecting additional data in the variety performance trials on priority traits including maturity, height, lodging, test weight, thousand kernel weight and wheat midge, to enhance the available data set and to provide farmers with more productive information on farming decisions.

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Fermentation technologies for improved nutritional quality and digestibility of wheat products

This project aims to develop fermentation technologies to reduce levels of adverse components in wheat and to improve tolerance of wheat products. The main objectives of this project include the reduction of FODMAPs in wheat and wheat bread by fermentation with food-grade lactobacilli and quantification of trypsin amylase inhibitors and wheat agglutinins in wheat and wheat bread fermented with addition of enzyme-active malt and lactobacilli.

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Marker assisted pyramiding of pleiotropic and novel resistance loci to stripe and other rust diseases in adapted CWRS wheat

This research builds on the findings from previous projects on identification of novel quantitative rust resistant gene(s) for leaf, stem and stripe rust. The main focus is to stack those resistant genes identified individually for major rust diseases in to a single genotype, with the aid of markers to obtain enhanced and durable resistance to more than one fungal disease species including the aggressive strains of stripe rust and new Ug99 races of stem rust.

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A genetic and genomics approach to improving the milling potential of durum wheat

The objective of this project is to determine the distribution of ash content in the kernel of cultivars of durum wheat with variable expression; to develop and validate robust genotyping platforms for durum wheat with the specific focus on genetic mapping populations with a large range in phenotypic expression of milling potential; and to develop genomic selection prediction models using a combination of high density molecular data and robust milling data.

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Defining best management practices for using supplemental heating with natural air drying

The objectives of this project are to scientifically determine how the use of supplemental heat affects the drying rate and storage conditions of wheat and canola; to determine the economic benefits of using supplemental heating with natural airdrying (NAD) systems; and to compile and disseminate best management practices for use of supplemental heat with NAD.

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Monitoring SOC on commercial direct-seeded fields across Saskatchewan - Phase 4

This project will compare the field-derived results with those on conventional small plot experiments and with modelled results using sophisticated models of carbon and nitrogen dynamics. Collectively, the results of the project will enable Saskatchewan producers to position themselves confidently and appropriately in the public policy debate over how crop production should be treated in carbon tax schemes and/or within trading schemes for greenhouse gas emission offsets produced through SOC sequestration.

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Revisiting nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for Saskatchewan: Are we measuring the right soil nitrogen pool?

The main objective of this study is to modify the existing N test method in to a rapid new soil N test that potentially correlates to mineralizable N and crop yield outcomes. Researchers intend to develop this into a commercial soil N test that could be licensed to others or developed further in-house. The new test will provide a better means of estimating fertilizer needs.

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