Research and development for durum wheat

  • Term: Five years, beginning in 2016

  • Funding Amount: $1,000,000

  • Lead Researcher(s): Curtis Pozniak (CDC, U of S)

  • Funding Partners: SeCan

Project Description

This research intends to facilitate the breeding and development of pedigreed seed of improved varieties of Canada Western Amber Durum. The project is intended to support the development of the various traits and qualities of durum under development by this breeding program using genomic and phenomic tools. Improved agronomic traits in durum varieties are the biggest priorities for durum breeding programs and this project will work towards resistance to FHB, improved grade retention and sprouting tolerance, lodging resistance, along with other traits such as improved yield and protein. Sawfly tolerance and midge tolerance are additional agronomic traits of interest for some durum producers and will also be a research priority of this project.