Crop response to foliar applied phosphorus fertilizers

  • Term: Three years, beginning in 2016

  • Funding Amount: $20,010

  • Lead Researcher(s): Jeff Schoenau (U of S)

  • Funding Partners: Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG), Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture - Agriculture Development Fund (ADF)

Project Description

Recent and ongoing studies by the principle investigator have evaluated crop responses to granular phosphorus fertilizer placed in the seed-row, as well as banded, and broadcast. However, few, if any studies have evaluated the efficiency and fate of foliar applied P fertilizers under western Canadian conditions in the field. The proposed research addresses this gap.

The objectives are to determine the effect of foliar applied phosphorus on crop (canola, wheat, pea) response (grain and straw yield, phosphorus and phytate content, zinc and iron content) and residual soil phosphorus fertility at two contrasting sites in Saskatchewan (SW brown soil zone, NE gray black soil zone) over two years; and to determine the efficiency of the added P fertilizer in recovery by the crop and increasing the yield. The work will be conducted on sites that are identified as phosphorus deficient according to soil test.