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Fermentation technologies for improved nutritional quality and digestibility of wheat products

This project aims to develop fermentation technologies to reduce levels of adverse components in wheat and to improve tolerance of wheat products. The main objectives of this project include the reduction of FODMAPs in wheat and wheat bread by fermentation with food-grade lactobacilli and quantification of trypsin amylase inhibitors and wheat agglutinins in wheat and wheat bread fermented with addition of enzyme-active malt and lactobacilli.

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Monitoring SOC on commercial direct-seeded fields across Saskatchewan - Phase 4

This project will compare the field-derived results with those on conventional small plot experiments and with modelled results using sophisticated models of carbon and nitrogen dynamics. Collectively, the results of the project will enable Saskatchewan producers to position themselves confidently and appropriately in the public policy debate over how crop production should be treated in carbon tax schemes and/or within trading schemes for greenhouse gas emission offsets produced through SOC sequestration.

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Comparing wheat allergenicity in ancient and modern wheats

This project is the first intensive study focused on characterizing the wheat gluten protein complex from a historical set of 37 CWRS wheat varieties, to study changes in glutenin and gliadin subunits over time and to identify specific changes or not both in quantity and quality in Celiac disease (CD) causing epitopes in wheat gluten complex proteins.

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