Varieties of Grain Crops 2017

The Varieties of Grain Crops is an annual publication of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture that provides information on the relative yields for the different growing regions in the province. You will also find production information on the crops, including a list of seed distributors.

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Marketing fusarium damaged wheat

Fusarium is probably the number one downgrading factor out there for Western Canada, with Manitoba and Saskatchewan the most adversely affected. For wheat itself it’s pretty bad, for durum wheat, it's very bad. This is why it’s critical for producers to get their grain tested, this year more than ever.

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Sask Wheat Semi-Annual Meeting 2016

The program included a presentation on herbicide-resistant weeds from Clark Brenzil, Provincial Specialist in Weed Control with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. As well, Dean Dias, Director, Value Chain Relations from Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi), talked about the role Cigi plays in the wheat value chain.

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Understanding the Saskatchewan and Manitoba FHB Risk Maps

For the first time, FHB risk maps were available in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. At times the maps appeared to indicate a different risk for growers in each province, which can be concerning for farms along the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. However, closer examination reveals minor differences in the models and maps, which are useful for considering FHB risk.

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Wheat genome sequencing soon to be released across the globe

Variety development across the world took a major leap forward in early 2016 when, at the annual Plant and Animal Genome Conference, it was announced that a Canadian-led team had sequenced 90 per cent of the highly-complex genome for bread wheat. This breakthrough in genomic sequencing was accomplished, in part, through the Canadian Triticum Applied Genomics (CTAG2) project, which is co-led by plant scientist Curtis Pozniak of the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre.

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