Sask Wheat commits $1.5 million to collaborative wheat research

Saskatoon (January 12, 2016) – The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) has committed $1.5 million to support ten wheat research projects funded through the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) process in 2015. Saskatchewan’s Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Lyle Stewart, announced the funding of all crops-related ADF projects at CropSphere 2016 on Tuesday, January 12.

“The projects have the potential to have a significant and positive impact on Saskatchewan’s wheat producers,” says Bill Gehl, Sask Wheat Chair. “We’re happy we were able to double our funding commitment to projects through the ADF process this year. These projects will allow Sask Wheat to continue to achieve our mandate of maximizing returns on producer check-off investments and building long-term, sustainable growth for the industry.”

The total project investment towards the ten projects co-funded by Sask Wheat, which includes leveraged funding and funds invested by the project proponents, is $2,738,972. Sask Wheat committed $727,672 towards $3,367,292 of wheat-related research projects through the ADF process in 2014, bringing the total commitment during the first two years of the Commission’s operations to $2.226 million. This research falls into the areas of variety development, production and post-production.

“We know that targeted research is the best way to empower wheat producers in Saskatchewan to continue growing wheat that the world demands,” Gehl says. “We are very pleased to partner with the government, and with other co-funders, in order to strengthen the future of Canadian agriculture.”

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Bill Gehl
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Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission

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Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission

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