NEWS RELEASE: Sask Wheat calls for consultations before changes made to Canada Grains Act

Saskatoon (June 5, 2017) – The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) is urging the federal government to protect the interests of Canadian grain producers and the integrity of the Canadian grain system. This comes in the wake of calls to accommodate American-grown wheat sold in Canada into the Canadian grain grading system.

“Before any changes are made to our grading system, we need to have public consultations to figure out the consequences of adding more American grain to our system,” says Sask Wheat Chair Bill Gehl. “I think producers need to know what the ramifications to our shipping agreements would be and how American grain will fit under the MRE (Maximum Revenue Entitlement).”

Sask Wheat strongly supports the important function that Canada’s grain registration and grading system provides. The Canadian Grain Commission grading system ensures Canadian wheat meets high quality standards and specific criteria demanded by both domestic and international buyers. This system requires that all varieties be thoroughly studied and registered in the proper class so all parties within the value-chain understand the characteristics and optimal uses of that variety.

While modernization of the Canada Grains Act may allow for improved trade relations between Canada and the U.S., the foundation of the system must remain in place so end users of Canadian wheat continue to receive the high-quality grain they have come to expect and so the best interests of Canadian farmers are secured.

“Before we make any legislative changes, we should know how this will impact Canadian producers and our relationship with our top export markets,” says Gehl. “Also, would allowing more American grain create the potential for railways to use American grain over Canadian to achieve volumes? There are a lot of important questions that need to be addressed. We need to resist the pressure from the United States and do what is right for Canadian grain farmers.”

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