Producers needed for FHB risk assessment project

The University of Manitoba is leading a fusarium head blight (FHB) risk assessment project across the three prairie provinces. The major goal of this project is to develop a standardized, weather-based method for reliably predicting FHB and mycotoxin (DON) accumulation across all three prairie provinces. The model will be validated in commercial wheat, winter wheat, barley and durum crops with a range of genetic resistance across each of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

In Saskatchewan, we are looking for 12 winter wheat, spring wheat and barley fields, and eight durum fields in areas where FHB commonly occurs. For spring wheat, winter wheat and barley, fields will be divided into three categories based on the genetic resistance of the variety: resistant/moderately resistant (four fields), intermediate (four fields), moderately susceptible/moderately susceptible (four fields). All eight durum varieties will be susceptible or moderately susceptible. To ensure that we are able to access reliable weather information, we ask that the fields are located as close as possible to a Saskatchewan Crop Insurance or Environment Canada weather station (If you are not sure we can find out for you).

To allow for accurate disease assessment and data collection, we will be asking each producer to leave a fungicide free check-strip with a minimum size of 100 ft by 100 ft (30m by 30m). In this fungicide free check-strip plants will be rated to determine FHB incidence and severity and four quarter square meter areas will be randomly selected and hand harvested. We will share the FHB rating with you. this information can help you determine if a fungicide was warranted in that year.

During the growing season, we will be visiting your field on three separate occasions to set up spore traps, conduct disease assessment and collect samples prior to harvest.

If you are interested in participating in the project or would like more information, please contact Barb Ziesman (Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture): or (306) 529-4403.

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