Fungicide spraying tips from

By Tom Wolf of

  • First and foremost, focus your preparations on getting the timing right. The window is narrow, so be prepared to spray a lot of area in a short time. Have the product on-hand. Check forecast maps. Scout daily. Talk to an aerial applicator well in advance so you have a fallback.

  • For ground applications, the best way to spray more on any given day is through logistics. Use a tender truck for refills, and fill fast. Depending on your operation, that act alone can double your productivity.

  • Use an angled spray for FHB. Plenty of research has show the value of either angling a single nozzle forward, or using a twin fan. But…

  • For an angled spray to work well, it needs to be delivered from a low boom height. With greater distances, the angle of the spray is quickly lost due to air-resistance and gravity. At some point, the spray will deposit according to prevailing wind directions. Low boom height may mean a slower travel speed, and good logistics can make that possible.

  • A fairly successful way to extend the boom height at which an angled spray will work is to use a coarser spray quality, Coarse to Very Coarse. Head coverage will remain sufficient if at least 10 to 12 US gpa are used.

Please CLICK HERE for Sask Wheat’s FHB resources, including our FHB risk map.