CGC plans to reclassify several wheat varieties

The Canadian Grain Commission is modernizing the wheat class system to protect Canada’s reputation for producing consistent, reliable quality wheat.

The plan to modernize the wheat class system was developed in response to concerns from customers of Canada’s wheat that gluten strength in the Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) class is not meeting customer expectations. Gluten strength is an important factor in bread baking because it helps dough rise and maintain its shape as it is baked. As well, there were some concerns about American varieties being grown in Canada and how they would fit into the current wheat class system.

What will modernizing mean for producers? The system will allow producers to grow varieties that meet new market opportunities. By addressing customer concerns, it will also maintain their confidence in the Canada Western Red Spring and Canada Prairie Spring Red classes, and, as a result, protect important markets for your wheat. As a whole, the system will be more flexible and balance your needs with the needs of customers.

From February to April 2015, the Canadian Grain Commission held consultations on our proposal to modernize the wheat class system. Our proposal included creating new classes and evaluating and moving varieties to other classes. After receiving feedback from these consultations, further discussions were held with stakeholders over the summer to improve our plan.

Based on these discussions, we altered our initial timeline to ensure that producers are given enough time to prepare for these changes. A key change in the timeline means that 29 varieties in the Canada Western Red Spring and Canada Prairie Spring Red classes will move to another class on August 1, 2018 instead of 2017.

Plan for modernizing

As of August 1, 2016:

  • Two new wheat classes will come into effect: Canada Northern Hard Red and Canada Western Special Purpose.

  • Three wheat classes will be eliminated: Canada Western Interim Wheat, Canada Western General Purpose, and Canada Western Feed.

August 1, 2016 variety designations

Canada Western Interim Wheat varieties move to Canada Northern Hard Red class

  • Faller

  • Prosper

  • Elgin ND

Canada Western General Purpose varieties move to Canada Western Special Purpose class

  • AAC Proclaim

  • AAC Innova

  • AAC NRG097

  • Accipiter

  • Broadview

  • CDC Clair

  • CDC Falcon

  • CDC Harrier

  • CDC Kestrel

  • CDC NRG003

  • CDC Primepurple

  • CDC Ptarmigan

  • CDC Raptor

  • Minnedosa

  • NRG010

  • Pasteur

  • Peregrine

  • Pintail

  • SY087

  • Sunrise

  • Swainson

  • WFT 603

August 1, 2018 variety designations

Canada Western Red Spring varieties move to another class

  • AC Abbey

  • AC Cora

  • AC Eatonia

  • AC Majestic

  • AC Michael

  • AC Minto

  • Alvena

  • Alikat

  • CDC Makwa

  • CDC Osler

  • Columbus

  • Conway

  • Harvest

  • Kane

  • Katepwa

  • Leader

  • Lillian

  • McKenzie

  • Neepawa

  • Park

  • Pasqua

  • Pembina

  • Thatcher

  • Unity

  • 5603HR

Canada Prairie Spring Red varieties move to another class

  • AC Formost

  • AC Taber

  • Conquer

  • Oslo

More information

For more information on wheat class modernization, visit the Canadian Grain Commission’s web site: